Reviver and Wistron NeWeb Partner to Scale and Innovate Production of the Rplate, the World’s First Digital License Plate

Reviver and Wistron NeWeb Partner to Scale and Innovate Production of the Rplate, the World’s First Digital License Plate

Reviver, creator of the world’s first digital license plate platform, and Wistron NeWeb (WNC), global specialists in the design and development of cutting-edge communication products, today announced that they have entered a Joint Design and Manufacturing agreement for the Rplate. The Rplate will be showcased at the Wistron NeWeb booth 2D104MR during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Rplate is now available in the world’s largest car market, California, as well as in Arizona, and is expanding to other states and countries in 2019. Reviver chose WNC for its track record of innovation, deep expertise in IoT and wireless, development infrastructure and ability to rapidly scale production. WNC’s clients include the world’s leading telecommunications and networking companies.

“Reviver is a true disrupter and the first to market with a completely unique platform product, the Rplate, that has incredible potential for IoT and wireless service innovation, while generating solid benefits for consumers and businesses alike,” said Larry Lee, Executive VP and GM of Networking Business Group at WNC. “We are excited to enable the Rplate’s digital license plate platform to the mass market and look forward to working with Reviver to further develop the Rplate in innovative ways, such as Smart Cities, autonomous vehicles, the connected vehicle space and continued global expansion.”

The Rplate transforms the 125-year old stamped metal license plate into a sleek, digital, high-definition display, offering a connected car platform to simplify daily life, with vast potential for future innovation. The Rplate can automate vehicle renewals, replacing legacy stickers with digital decals, and add new levels of personalization to the license plate, including promoting charitable causes, passion for a sports team, or even a child’s academic/athletic achievements. The Rplate also enhances vehicle safety and security, enabling stolen vehicle and plate detached information, as well as geofencing capabilities, trips taken, and vehicle miles traveled for business and/or governmental entities. Additional features will include Amber and weather alerts, automated parking, tolling, marketing capabilities and much more.

“Our partnership with WNC, a true leader in wireless technology and network technology integration, is a significant milestone for Reviver in scaling production of the Rplate to meet increased demand,” said Sean MacNeil, President, and COO of Reviver. “But it goes beyond that. WNC not only have the breadth, knowledge and expertise to scale volume as our footprint grows, they also have an innovation track record right in the heart of IoT and wireless, with a deep R&D and management infrastructure that will provide deep synergies and support as we expand the Rplate platform’s capabilities – as well as a nimbleness to enable rapid evolution.”

WNC has set a number of impressive industrial benchmarks: ranking #1 with 35% of the world’s market share for built-in antennas for laptops, shipping over 300 million units of satellite communications products and digital home products and topping the list of Taiwan’s satellite communications product-exporting manufacturers. WNC has also maintained a leading position for enterprise-class wireless communications products and serves as the Alpha site of the world’s major chip suppliers. WNC continues to expand its technological expertise and service scope in areas including broadband, broadcast, multimedia, the IoT, wireline, and wireless to build application platforms for different technologies.

“We have a simple vision: to improve daily life for consumers and businesses. Our goal is an Rplate platform for every vehicle, offering multiple efficiencies and benefits, while intersecting seamlessly with the next generation of connectivity,” said Reviver Co-founder and CEO Neville Boston. “Wistron NeWeb will be an important partner in helping us achieve just that.”

About WNC

Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge communication products. WNC’s technical expertise ranges across applications from broadband, broadcasting, multimedia, and the IoT to wireline and wireless communications, with product scope covering solutions in network communications, digital home products, satellite broadcasting, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). For more information, please visit:

About Reviver

Reviver’s mission is to bring new and far-reaching efficiencies, revolutionary marketing, and unprecedented connectivity to the auto industry through disruptive technology. With its Rplate, the world’s first digital license plate, the company has completely reinvented the 125-year-old stamped metal license plate into a connected car platform that digitizes and can automate the costly, often frustrating, and time-consuming Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) registration renewal process. Available for sale in California and Arizona, with legislation approved in Michigan, Reviver’s software and Rplate digital license plate provides a connected vehicle platform that delivers IoT integration for vehicles, smart cities, technology platforms and ecosystem stakeholders. For more information and to pre-order an Rplate in California and Arizona, visit

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